Sunday, November 8, 2009

MEET THE PLAYERS OF UVU RUGBY "McKay Skeen" ,"Jimmy Carnation" and "Jordan Loo"

Name: McKay "Junior" Skeen Age: 22

Hometown: Coto De Caza, Ca

Rugby Experience: First Year

Other Sports: Football, Baseball, Wrestling, Basketball

Favorite Food: Mexican & Polynesian

Music: Easy-E Movies: Transformers

T.V. Show: Sons of Anarchy Hobbies: Golf, Tennis

Major: Communications

Goals: "Be a good brother & successful man."

Favorite UVU RUGBY moment: "Scoring my first try against Snow College!"

Hardest UVU RUGBY Moment: "Summer practices."

Something unique about you: "I made the term "TRY TIME"."

Why/How you got involved with UVU Rugby?: "Joe and Griff told me to come play and I was hooked."

Name: Jimmy Carnation Age: 20

Hometown: Windsor, CA Rugby Experience: 1 year

Other Sports: Wrestling (12 yrs) Jiujitsu (1 yr)

Favorite Food: Sushi, Pasta, Chicken

Music: Metal Movies: Boondock Saint, Transformers

Major: Psychology

Goal in Life: "Get rich or die trying."

Favorite UVU RUGBY moment: "Scoring a try against Boise State."

Hardest UVU RUGBY moment: "My Hardest UVU RUGBY moments are Mondays and running."

Why/How you got involved with UVU RUGBY?: "I heard about it from my old high school rugby coach Kolie and then my old and current room-mates all play."

Name: Jordan Loo Age: 21 Hometown: Laie, HI

Rugby Experience: 5 weeks

Other Sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball

Favorite Food: Island Food Music: Rap/Hip-Hop

Movies: Cool Runnings, Boondock Saints

T.V. Show: SportsCenter Hobbies: Wake-board, Surf, Bowling

Major: Exercise Science Goals: "Successful in family & career."

Favorite UVU RUGBY moment: "Beating Boise."

Hardest UVU RUGBY moment: "Losing to Alumni."

Something unique about you?: "I am a quick learner and determined."

Why/How you got involved with UVU RUGBY?: "Saw a flyer in the hall & thought it to be a good substitute for football."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Name: Jerome Bernard

Hometown: Fagaalu, American Samoa

Rugby Experience: 2 Years

Favorite Food: "To be honest anything that taste


Other Sports: Football and Track & Field.

Music: Hip-Hop, Slow Jams, Island Reggae,


T.V. Shows: Goonies, Sandlot, Saving Private Ryan, Tears of the


Hobbies: Fishing, Ice Fishing, Playing Wii, and Chillin

Major: Communications

Goals: "Become a Sports Broadcaster."

Favorite UVU RUGBY moment: "Beating Snow College."

Hardest UVU RUGBY moment: "Conditioning with Coach Tua on Mondays!! Dizzam!!"

Something Unique about me: "I like dancing/playing the Ukulele and making girls smile;

because that's my style."

Why/How you got involved with UVU RUGBY?: "There was no football, so I decided to play

rugby again. My boy Mr. Rogers also helped with the process."

Name: Faafetai Palu (Tai)

Age: 24

Hometown: Samoa

Rugby Experience: "Grew up playing rugby in the islands."

Favorite Food: Chinese and Samoan Food.

Other Sports: Football, Volleyball, Basketball.

Favorite Music: Country and Hip-Hop

Favorite Movies: Any kind of movie except horror movies.

Favorite T.V. Shows: Smallville, Family Guy, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Still Standing.

Hobbies: "Playing sports, watching movies, going out, hanging out with my family and my


Major: Pharmacist

Goals: "Become a pharmacist, a great husband, and a great father."

Favorite UVU RUGBY moment: "Hitting people. LOL!!!!!"

Hardest UVU RUGBY moment: "Running suicides for 45 minutes."

Something unique about me: " I am a good tackler, and I hit very hard. If you don't believe me

then come see me on the field."

Why/How I got involved with UVU RUGBY?: "My brother played for UVU last year and I

always wanted to play on the same team as him so I transferred here."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Name: Griffin Cannon

Age: 21

Hometown: Valencia, California.

Rugby Experience: 0 years

Position: Flanker (Open side, Loose Forward)

Other Sports: Football and Soccer

Favorite Food: Diego's Mexican Restaurant

Favorite Music: White Stripes

Favorite Movie: Legend of the Fall

Favorite T.V. Show: That 70's Show

Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Piano, and FIFA Soccer

Major: Accounting

Goals in Life: "Be a good person to myself, family, and friends."

Fav. UVU Rugby Moment: "Watching McKay pick on the only kids shorter than him.''

Hardest UVU Rugby moment: "Running for Tua."

Something unique about me: "People are terrified of me."

Why/How I got involved with UVU Rugby? "Through Joe Carnation, met him through a friend of mine. Asked him how he lost all his front teeth and he showed me rugby."

Name: Taylor Scott

Age: 21

Home Town: Louisiana

Rugby Experience: 2 years of touch in New Zealand.

Position: FlyHalf, FullBack

Other Sports: Football

Favorite Food: Taro

Favorite Music: Everything

Favorite Movies: Everything

Favorite T.V. Show: South Park

Hobbies: Any Sports

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite UVU Rugby Moments: "Seeing the team unified on the field."

Hardest UVU Rugby moments: "Monday Practice."

Something Unique about Me: "I love to do Math."

Why/How I got involved with UVU Rugby? "I was in New Zealand and knew instantly that I wanted to play rugby when I came back home."

Friday, September 18, 2009

UVU Rugby Commercial #1



Two weeks after their first preseason game the UVU RUGBY TEAM is gearing up for their first conference game against Snow College this Saturday. The game is scheduled to be played at 12 p.m at Snow College. The team got much needed experience from the Utah Game and a recent scrimmage with the United Rugby team this past Saturday. The UVU coaches have expressed that the experience from these last two games to be crucial before the first playoff indicating game for the Wolverines.
Practices for the last few days have been very intense for the team including a great deal of conditioning especially on Monday despite the harsh weather. The players were pushed to run, tackle, run tackle, and then run some more. The team looked united, disciplined, and composed throughout the heavy conditioning.
The team was fortunate to have Nate Mathis (Assistant Athletic Director) attend practice on Tuesday. He was able to talk to the UVU players for a few minutes expressing his personal support and that of the Wolverine Athletic Department for the UVU Rugby team and the team's goal of becoming National Champions. The team would like to thank Nate Mathis and the Athletic Department for their support.
The team has also had the opportunity to work together with Dan Herbas a UVU RUGBY Alum to create commercials for the team. This has been a great opportunity to help get the team some on campus and overall exposure. UVU Rugby thanks Dan Herbas and all who contributed to the UVU RUGBY COMMERCIAL. The video is found at the bottom of this post.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

UVU VS. UTAH Pre-Season

UVU Rugby is excited to announce the beginning of the 2009-2010 season with a preseason game against in state rivals University Utah Utes. This is the Wolverines first live and full speed playing opportunity since the 2008-2009 playoffs in Florida. We were able to speak with one of the UVU's newest addition to the coaching staff William Fale.
Concerning what UVU Rugby's goal's are going into the game he said, " We have a lot of new guys this year and the primary goal is simplicity. The simple things are important as our players gain experience especially on defense. " He continued to say that he hopes to see his players execute their new defensive schemes.
Concerning the UVU Offensive approach Fale stated, " Offensively we continued with the theme of simplicity. We have a couple patterns that we will use on Saturday and that is about it so far. We just want to see the ball recycled using proper technique: that is the experience that the team needs now." Despite the number of new players Fale was still very confident with the team as he shared, " I know I said we have a lot of inexperience but there is even more new raw talent and athleticism that we are really excited to see progress as the season continues."
The game will be held at The University of Utah on Baliff Field located at 200 South 1850 East Salt Lake City, Ut 84112 at 12 p.m for the first game and a second game following right after. For further information visit the team page (link to team page on right hand side of blog) and click on the Utah game schedule. See you there! GO UVU RUGBY!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



The past few weeks has been very busy for UVU Rugby. Just recently the rugby team hosted a fundraiser in conjunction with Obsession Motoworks  ( This was a really great time for everyone that were present and donated to the team. The main attraction was the bikini bike and car wash that was made available by some of UVU Rugby's biggest fans. The main attraction was also coupled with a barbecue that was hosted by the UVU Rugby team.


 Throughout the bike washing, car washing, and eating there were several live bike stunt shows. These were performed by some of the best bike stunt men in Utah who willingly displayed their skills on bullet bikes, ATV's, and even pocket bikes. There were tons of people in attendance that just stopped by to watch the stunts that were being performed in the parking lot of Obsession Motoworks. The fundraiser was a huge success and  a good amount of money was raised top help the team be a success throughout the 2009-2010 Collegiate Rugby Season. We would like to thank Obsession Motoworks for their continual support to UVU RUGBY. Thanks also to Kris Ricks and Mo for organizing the fundraiser for the team.


There is also an update to team's practice hours for  those interested in playing or just training together with the team. We are practicing Monday to Thursday 7-9 p.m. at the Lacrosse field. For more information call Bill (801) 380-5372. 
There was also a recent short article on the UVU Campus paper about the team's progress and overview for the upcoming season. The interview is with Tualau Fale the Chief Operations Officer for UVU Men's Rugby. This is the link the article from the UVU Review Newspaper about the team as well. That's all for now GO WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!